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Diversity and Equity Advisory Board

Mission Statement: Promoting and supporting diversity and equity among staff and faculty is a priority and a core value at Colorado College. The Diversity and Equity Advisory Board serves as an advisory group to the President of the College and the Cabinet on all matters related to diversity and equity regarding staff and faculty. The board promotes and nurtures an inclusive campus culture that values different backgrounds, experiences, ideas and opinions, recognizing the various intersections of identities that make up the CC community. Its work helps ensure that the College addresses on a continuing basis all of the possible implications of the protections as stated in our anti-discrimination policy statement.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The board will receive specific charges from the President, and on an ongoing basis, will:

PROMOTE the development of a campus climate that values diversity and equity in hiring and retention across all departments and levels of the college.

ASSESS campus diversity and equity continually, working closely with the Title IX Coordinator, the AVP/Director of the Butler Center, and the ADA/504 Coordinator, to identify areas that may need improvement.

ADVOCATE for awareness and education about diversity and equity, especially through collaboration with Human Resources and the Dean of the College’s offices.

RECOMMEND programs and policies that ensure equal access for all faculty and staff consistent with and supportive of campus diversity initiatives.

PROVIDE feedback and counsel to the Title IX Coordinator, the AVP/Director of the Butler Center, the ADA/504 Coordinator, the AVP/Director of Human Resources, and members of staff and faculty search committees.

Specific Duties:

  1. Monitoring campus climate through data collection and policy development
  2. Overseeing educational programming for staff and faculty on issues of diversity and equity
  3. Consulting with faculty, staff, and administration on curriculum and other program development and future diversity/equity goals
  4. Becoming campus leaders knowledgeable about current diversity-related issues in higher education


Voting members
The DEAB consists of eight voting members: four (4) faculty as assigned by the FEC, with no more than two from any one division, and including at least one person active in an ID program, all serving staggered three year terms, if possible; and four (4) staff as assigned by the Staff Council, all serving three year terms, if possible. The faculty and staff co-chair will be selected by the FEC and Staff Council in consultation with the President. In teams of two (one faculty and one staff), members will be assigned to oversee one specific aspect of diversity/equity, to make sure all key issues are recognized and addressed, and the board as a whole will address the intersections as well as any emerging issues. Those areas are: race/ethnicity, gender/sex/sexual orientation, disability and two at large positions.

Non-Voting members
The Non-voting members of the DEAB are a Title IX Coordinator, ADA/504 Coordinator, Assistant Vice President and Director of the Butler Center, Associate Vice President for Administrative Services/Director of Human Resources, and a librarian with diversity/equity research and/or collection responsibilities.