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Getting Started with GIS

To get started with GIS at CC, you'll need to get access to ArcMap in one of three ways. Click on the links in the text below for instructional videos. You can always email Jessica at

1) Come to the GIS Lab in Palmer 1

2) Launch ArcMap from VLab (see instructions here); or

3) Download and license ArcMap for your personal machine. We will help you with this if you visit us in Palmer 1.

3.1) First, you'll map to the students drive (see videos below) to the GIS Data Server. 

For PC, watch the video below. 

For Mac watch the video below (by CC ITS).

3.2) Then you'll navigate to the ArcInstalls folder and download the version you want (the most recent version is 10.3.1). Make sure you install ArcMap Desktop and the background geoprocessor. 

3.2) Finally, you will license ArcMap as either concurrent (only on-campus) or single-use (if you're going to take your machine off-campus). 

Reserve the lab for class!